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At the Bad Books show right now. Yay :)

All band related. (Thursday, Cage, Glassjaw and Manchester Orchestra)

All band related. (Thursday, Cage, Glassjaw and Manchester Orchestra)

Upcoming Shows!

It is a total Brand New kind of day. I have been listening to them all day. 

Anyways, I hardly ever post on here anymore thanks to work taking over my life and my computer being dead. So here is a list of shows I will be going to within the next few months!!

July 31st- mewithoutYou with Kevin Devine and Buried Beds

August 1st- Murder by Death with Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons and Ha Ha Tonka

August 14th- Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz

September 3rd- Yeasayer with Daedelus

October 5th- Circa Survive with Touche Amore and O’Brother

Nobember 8th- Minus the Bear with Cursive and Girl In A Coma

SUPER pumped for all of these shows!! I was in charge of helping my friends in The Memorials book some shows and booked them on August 1st here in Arizona, and I am kinda glad they can’t make it because I would much rather go to Murder by Death. I think I am most excited for the show on October 5th. I’ve never seen O’Brother live and they weren’t able to play their last show here in Arizona L And Circa and Touche Amore are just amazing live.

So yeah, there are my musical thoughts of the day. 

broissey said: lol wtf. Riss? Was searching Q And Not U tags on Tumblr and your pic came up.

bahahahaha HAY FLAM!!!! I love me some Q and Not U

Forgot to post this yesterday!!

Music of the Day 4/10 Edition!!

Started my day off with Brother, Sister by mewithoutYou. This CD has always been a favorite of mine! :) This band is just great, amazing live, tons of great songs, however I kinda disliked It’s All Crazy blahblahblah; buuuut I am beyond excited to buy their new cd once it’s on iTunes!!

Next was Good News for People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse. I actually use to hate this band, literally couldn’t stand listening to them. Then I had a friend about 6 or 7 years ago tell me to listen to all of their cds just once and to give them a shot. I am so thankful that he made me do this, because after that I absolutely fell in love with them. I think this might be my favorite CD of theirs, but then again, I believe that they haven’t put anything bad out ever.

That was followed by No Kill No Beep Beep by Q and not U. Another CD that I just love and don’t think I can ever get sick of. Solid CD from start to finish. I wish these guys would get back together :(

Finished with Saul Williams S/T. This was my best friend/carpools choice but is never a bad listen. Except for Seaweed- that song creeps me out. I told him this elaborate story of what I picture in my mind whenever I listen to it and I am pretty sure I ruined that song for him. Oh well!

nooimspartacus-deactivated20120 said: paulson = love

yessss. not enough people know who they are. I just love them! :D

Music of my day.

SO after finding out that Tom Gabel of Against Me! is turning into a woman (more power to him, by the way!) I listened to New Wave. I hadn’t listened to that CD in years and I still absolutely love it.

After that, I turned on Paulson and listened to All At Once, which is another CD I haven’t listened to in years!! AAAAND I still absolutely love it.

Then I listened to O’Brother- Garden Window. I have been listening to them a lot lately and was super bummed they missed the show they were supposed to play here on Sunday. I am seriously starting to love this band!

and I finished with Jeff Buckley- Grace just because I am obsessed with it.

the end. that is everything I listened to today

I want it to be 3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago is the day I saw Manchester Orchestra, met them, drank with them and fell even further in love with them. then the next day I drove to California to go to Coachella. my best friend challenged me to drink a whole handle of whiskey for that weekend so I got right to it and drank 1/3 of it the first night. woke up at 6am to start drinking again on Friday and seriously sweat my ass off. Friday flew by. I got to see Refused!! which was amazing. fast forward to me day drinking on Saturday… passing out in the direct sunlight during Childish Gambino… then walking over to the stage Manchester Orchestra was going to play on about 3 hours early. Passed out for a few hours, woke up and saw a friend. then was riiiight up front for Manchester and it was amazing. then I had to go back to my tent because I was a bit too drunk/dehydrated to take the heat any longer. Thennnnnn on Sunday I SAW AT THE DRIVE-IN!!!!!!!! not gonna lie- I cried a little bit. didn’t even bother to watch Snoop…  all in all, I saw a shit ton of amazing bands, got a bit too drunk, smoked a bit too much, and didn’t even finish the handle! bummer. anyways that is my post Coachella post in a very short form. yeahhhhhhh I love Manchester Orchestra. A LOT.

Obligatory Coachella Post

This is a music blog after all…

OK so I am going. First weekend. This is my post about Bands I am all OMFG CANT WAIT TO SEE (denoted by a OMFG), bands I kinda want to see just because I will be spending shit loads of money and might as well since they are pretty good anyways(denoted by $$), and bands my indie model bff is going to make me see (denoted by :|).

Friday- OMFG- Refused, Explosions in the Sky. $$- Tim Armstrong, The Dear Hunter, Mazzy Star. :|- M. Ward (also somewhat $$), Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys

Saturday- OMFG- Radiohead, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Manchester Orchestra, The Buzzcocks. $$- The Skins, Big Pink. :|- St. Vincent (also kinda $$) Kaiser Chiefs (somewhat $$), Andrew Bird

Sunday- OMFG- AT THE MOTHER FUCKING DRIVE-IN. OMG OMFG. YES. Main reason I am going to this show, not gonna lie. And also the only band listed as my OMFG for Sunday (sorry, not much of a Dre or Snoop listener to care much about them headlining…) $$- The Weeknd, The Hives. :|- Beirut, Girl Talk, Flux Pavilion.

Also. Every time I see this poster I think that it says Sunny Day Real Estate, but am teased because it only says Real Estate and it pisses me off beyond belief. I would like to steal them from the 2010 show please and replace Real Estate with Sunny Day Real Estate…

pretty decent lineup. MUCH better than last years… really with Yeasayer was playing though! I wish they could fuse this with 2007s lineup 

I am going to come up with my perfect Coachella line up with my favorite 5 artists from the last 10 years shows without repeating anyone. this might be hard. 

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yes. fucking. please.

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